1. Who are you / nickname?

NaRai (nah-ray) 

aka Niz 

I'm one of the co-founders at The Space Studios

 + also the person who provides High Vibes essential spray to keep the sessions fresh!


2. Birthdate?  

April 21

I'm a cusp baby 

(Lot's of Taurus w/ a hint of Aries

 Cancer rising + a Scorpio moon) 



3. Where were you born + raised ?

Born in Seoul Korea, adopted by my beautiful family 

+ raised in Tsawwassen First Nation


4. First album you purchased?

I remember saving up to buy NWA"Straight Outta Compton 

+  Janet Jackson "Velvet Rope" in grade 3.  Both were cassette tapes


5. What do you do when you're not at The Space Studios?

Working with people. 


Laughing (a lot) + eating really amazing veggie food!


I have a holistic studio + practice. You can usually find me doing some form of healing work 

( Reiki, Lymphatic Detox, Clearing, Bodywork), singing w/ Star Captains 

or spending time with the people I love.


6. Describe yourself in a few words

Animal lover, goofball. wild flower. lightworker


7. Spirit Animal?

If an elephant + unicorn were to have a baby 

a Unifant? 


8. Favourite spot to eat near The Space Studios?

Hands down. Eternal Abundance. 

If you're looking for a place that will give you crazy amounts of good energy, this is the spot. 

I'm all about their green power juice w/ a shot of E3live, 

not to mention all of the food as well as fresh local + organic market!


9. First thoughts this morning?

Thank you for another day....followed by coffee!


10. Words to live by?

At the end of the day it doesn't matter how many things you attain, likes or followers you gain, 

what matters is how much love you gave.