1. Who are you / nickname? -------- Daniel Klenner. AKA 'D-Klenz'. Resident engineer/producer

2. Birthdate?  --------September 22nd 1988

3. Where were you born + raised ? --------- Born in Perth western Australia. Came to canada when i was 6.

4. First album you purchased? ---------- it was either: spice girls - spice world or dc talk - nu thang, 

5. What do you do when you're not at The Space Studios? --------- Hang with the fam jam, watch documentaries with friends, and fly RC helicopters. 

6. Describe yourself in a few words ----------- dedicated. passionate. cries in movies.

7. Spirit Animal? --------- not exactly certain at this point in my life. but it could be the chinchilla.

8. Favourite spot to eat near The Space Studios? ---------- Deserts for sure.

9. First thoughts this morning? ----------- when did i last lint roll the couch? 

10. Words to live by? -------- assumption and expectation are killers, so communicate... then watch any bbc documentary with astrophysicist brian cox about the vastness of space and realize that your problems are in fact pretty small.